BC Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment Blow Dry Hair Straightening 750ml X 3



BC Brazilian keratin Smoothing Treatment 750ml x 3

Natural BC treatment

Is specially formulated as a Revitalising and rejuvenating treatment for very damaged hair and over processed hair. The advanced patent-pending highest quality of natural BC deep into the damaged cuticle.

Eliminating up to 95% of frizz and curl. The therapy encases the hair follicle with a BC to promote healing and helps ultraviolet rays, from entering the hair.

Smoothing results lasting 3-5 months.

1. BC. Deep cleansing Shampoo 750ml

2. BC smoothing Treatment 750ml

3. BC Acidy Saver Emulsion 750ml

Advisory: Do a skin & strand test before using this treatment. Always wear gloves. For best results color process should be done 15 days before applying BC smoothing treatment, otherwise, we recommend applying an ammonia free color or waiting 15 days after the treatment to apply permanent colour.


Pre-test: Apply a small amount of the step 2 to an area of approx 1cm to the region of the arm or the neck 24 hours before using this treatment. Strand test: follow steps 1-7 on a single thin strand of your hair.

Step 1 
Wash the hair with BC Deep Cleaning Shampoo Massage it starting from the scalp up to the hair. Wait for 3-5 mins and Rinse thoroughly.

Dry thoroughly with a towel.


Step 2
 Using a hair dryer, dry 0ff 80-90 % the hair, depends on the type hair.

Step 3 
Complete the recipient with small portions for avoiding unnecessary waste . Apply the BC treatment ( 50-60ml ) with a brush starting about 1 inch from the scalp, then wait for 15-20mins


Step 4
 Use an hair dryer at mid temperature, it's going to help avoiding the smoke/steam. Blow-Dry 100% the hair starting from the back to the top.


Step 5 
Split the hair into parts. Separate it in very thin strands and pass the iron/straightener 180°C to 200°C (chemically processed hair) and 200°C 230°C (virgin hair) between 7 to 10 times on each strand, depending on hair type. Start from the back of neck and proceed up to the top of the head.


Step 6
 After applied the iron/straightener on all over the hair and leave it for 5-8 minutes massaging the hair.

Step finish



Rise through the hair. Apply BC Acidy Saver Emulsion and work it through the hair leave on for 3-5 mins rinse again.

Blow dry the hair finish with styling brush or iron.


* Disclaimer : These products are for professional use only. SUKE-I LTD does not take any responsibility for incorrect use.  

   Incorrect use can cause harm. We recommend only qualified hairdressers to purchase and use the products.



** Do not use on pregnant women or children **

** Do not apply on skin or hair scalp **


info@suke-i.co.uk / sales@suke-i.co.uk


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