Meisi Fragrance care for perm digital perm or straightening perm 1000ml x2



Meisi Fragrance care perm

Lotion cream 1000ml and Neutralizer 1000ml

Infused with avocado moisturising essence

Combination Care 

Create a new era of healthy hair perm


These product can use on digital perm or hair straightening perm


 For digital perm:

1. Light shampoo

2.apply part 1 solution and rods on

3.hook up to ceramic digital appliance, leave in 15-20mins (90-110c) examine hair

4.check curl

5.Rinse out then towel dry

6.apply part 2 ( NEUTRALIZER ) leave in 10-15mins

7. Rinse out

8. Blow dry and styling


 For hair straightening perm:

 The whole process may take 3-4 hours depending on hair type, length, and thickness.

1. Evaluating the hair type and condition.

2. Shampooing without scratching and conditioning then blow dry.

3. Applying protein conditioner to the hair, if necessary for some hair type like damaged, dry hair.

4. Applying Solution #1 directly to a completely dry hair, strand by strand, use fingers a few times smooth the hair but not neccessary to comb then leave on about 20-30 mins (Check every 10 mins).

5. Rinsing out the hair with wear water (No shampoo, Conditioner).

6. Blow-drying to get rid of some excess moisture in the hair.

7. Straightening the hair in highly small sections with a hot hair iron until the hair becomes straight.

8. Dividing the hair and applying Solution #2 directly to the hair strand by strand after ironing is finished. Using fingers a few times smooth the hair but no need to comb and leave on (10) mins.

9. Rinsing out the hair and Followed by Straight Care Treatment If necessary.

10. Drying out the hair and applying a hot hair iron to exterminate excess moisture if necessary.


Before the treatment :

1. Make sure that ready to do a permanent hair straightening treatment due to the process is absolutely unreversible.

2. Do not colour the hair for 14 days before the treatment.

3. Never use the straightening cream if your scalp is irritated or injured

After the treatment :

1. Do not to shampoo, wet or style your hair for 48 hours.

2. Wait minimum 14 days to do the colour again.

3. Use special hair care products. Protein and moisture are the important elements in these kind of products.  

Meisi Fragrance care perm Rating

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